Here for the Party: China Lane Speaks to The Red Squirrel

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Through a hectic schedule, China Lane talks music, Manchester and spectacular madness.

Supported Sigma. Supporting The Hoosiers. It’s the to-do list most would dream of. For this home-grown band from Manchester, it’s reality.

Comprised of Reuben Hester, Chloë Bebbington, Danny Marland and Jack Candela, the electro-pop band is often seen busking.

“What’s better than busking in your home town?”
“Manchester is home for us,” Reuben told me, “It’s a great feeling performing for people in the street. I don’t think our music was directly influenced by Manchester in the beginning, but now we’re constantly inspired by the energy of city living.” Their track ‘In Motion’ has raked in over 600,000 streams on Spotify, but it’s all eyes ahead for the band.

“We are supporting The Hoosiers on October 25th and we are so excited! It’s some serious nostalgia.”

It’s loud success for a group with quiet beginnings. Originally an acoustic duo with Reuben and Chloë, the band took shape in 2015 when the pair met Danny.

“We weren’t feeling the vibe as a duo!” With Danny on board, the trio created ‘Marco Polo’, before Jack impressed them with a remix. “We decided to get the whole gang together and see if we could work as a team and that’s when ‘In Motion’ was born.”

“For us, the shows are special part of China Lane. It’s an environment where anything is accepted.
“As a band, we bring together all our musical tastes,” Reuben said, “Our influences really shape the songs we create.”

Favouring the “Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards approach”, the band likes to write a hook and build the song around it.

“We’re brimming full of ideas,” they told me, “We play to each other’s strengths but leave the chord voicings up to Danny – he’s quite protective…”

Not shying away from challenge, the band confessed that “the industry is always developing”, meaning “new challenges to overcome”.

“That’s something we’re super excited to take on,” Reuben added.

“To see people enjoying something you’ve spent hours creating is so rewarding.
The future is vast for China Lane. They’re ever thankful of the fans who’ve helped them get this far and are determined to keep the celebrations going.

“China Lane is a party. It’s the excitement inside all of us. It’s all about breaking barriers.”

Oh, and in case you’re wondering:

Is Chinese food your favourite food?

We all love it, apart from Danny. Interesting fact: he’s never had a Chinese takeaway. He did once eat a prawn cracker though.


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